Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding Pictures

I do not have a card for you today but instead, I thought that I would share with you pictures that our son sent to us of their wedding. They wanted a simple little wedding and it all worked out really well. They live in Hawaii, so we do not have the $$ to fly over as much as we would like. Because we do not get to see them much, I will say, that we absolutely LOVE our web cam so we can stay in touch and be able to watch the grand kids grow up.
My son, Cory married Joelyn and they have two beautiful children, Chace (4 years) and Chevelle (1 month). Chace was having fun, playing in the water while they said their vows. The other little boy in one of the pictures (holding a handmade coconut basket) is their nephew and the grand kids cousin.

Enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

All things are heaven sent.

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