Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Furry Friends

I do not have a card to post today...unless I get some time later today. So I thought I would share with you our two new furry friends. They are both only 6 months old and FULL of energy. Oh my, we have water bottles in almost every room but I think they are getting used to them, for they do not scare as they first did. They insist on going where they are NOT suppose to. They are both strictly indoor cats.

The gray tabby is 'Abby' and she is the one that can keep us busy. She has NO fear and will do what she KNOWS she is not suppose to do, right in front of us - Bad Girl!! Although she is a real lovey and will want to be petted and then purr, purr and purr.

The tortoise is 'Penny' and she is a sweetheart. She gets spooked so easily and will make a mad dash for run under our bed. So needless to say, when we do have company (not very often), she will spend the whole time under the bed. Otherwise, she is a lovey girl and will purr when petted.

We have a little basket and they both love to sleep in it. When they were much smaller, they could both get in it without any issues. Now they still want to both be in there but there is not enough room, so one will lay 'on top' of the other cute. One of them will finally give up and go somewhere else to sleep.

And of course, we have our 'old' pooch, 'Apollo'. He is an Australian Cattle Dog and a little over 13, actually he may be getting closer to 14 years old. He is having some health issues but they are minor at this time. We cannot take him for walks anymore due to his arthritis. He LOVES people and animals and is totally an indoor dog. Every year, in the early summer, we take him in for a buzz, he has a thick coat of fur and he LOVES it when he gets his cut - makes him so much cooler in the summer. When his coat grows back in, it is thick and black.

Hope you enjoyed seeing our furry friends, they provide us company and entertainment.

All things are heaven sent.

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